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Some Local Books
  • The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility
    The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility
    by Thomas Jones, Michael Fontenot
  • Repentance: A Cosmic Shift of Mind and Heart
    Repentance: A Cosmic Shift of Mind and Heart
    by Edward J Anton
  • Redeeming the Broken Body: Church and State After Disaster (Theopolitical Visions)
    Redeeming the Broken Body: Church and State After Disaster (Theopolitical Visions)
    by Gabriel A. Santos

News & Events

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Next Class: Biblical Preaching and Teaching

Both the Ministry Training Academy and Campus Commonwealth Academy curricula require Biblical Preaching for all students. We will offer Biblical Preaching at our Hampton Roads campus on Friday through Sunday June 7-9 2013 for all TentMakers and then again on Monday through Tuesday June 10-11 for full time ministers and interns. Please contact Matt Fisk for housing needs via fiskmr@gmail.com.

You can find out more about the Biblical Preaching class here


MTA (TentMakers) Classes through 2013

As Commonwealth Academy ramps up for the new MTA curriculum, we will be offering the following courses through December 2013:

  • DiscipleMakers for Ministers. 14-16 December 2012 in Newport News
  • Christian Apologetics. 12-13 January 2013 in Montgomery County MD
  • Purity and Integrity. 1-3 February 2013 in Newport News
  • Expository Preaching. 7-9 June 2013 in Newport News
  • Church and Doctrinal History. 8-10 November 2013 in Newport News

You can find out more information under the TentMakers section of Commonwealth Academy's site. 



Ministry Training Academy (MTA) Proposes Unified Curriculum

Most of the new MTA Curriculum courses can now be found under the TentMakers section of Commonwealth Academy.

As the Ministry Training Academy (MTA) works to build a unified curriculum to train ministers in our fellowship of churches, the Commonwealth Academy will begin to offer the core courses in the MTA curriculum. Here is the latest proposal from MTA:


The Unified Curriculum Board met on August 7-8, 2012 to discuss plans for developing an ICOC Ministry Training Academy (MTA) that would train future ministry leaders in our movement of churches.  The board has three goals:

  1. To promote standards of excellence and provide curriculum resources for the MTAs. 
  2. To help the MTAs successfully implement the curriculum.
  3. To issue approved certificates upon the completion of the program.  

In actuality, the various geographic families of churches would develop their own MTA in their region of the world.   The board decided upon the following mission statement for the Ministry Training Academy:

To train, equip, and inspire students with biblical knowledge, spiritual maturity and character development, and leadership skills for effective ministry in the local church.   

In order to fulfill this mission, we have developed an 18-course program in three areas of study: Biblical Knowledge, Spiritual Development, and Ministry Leadership.  

Each course in the program will require at least:  12 hours of classroom study, outside reading, and the completion of a paper, test, or project.  If an academy wants to go beyond these minimum required goals, it may do so.  For example, if an academy wants to add material to fit their cultural context, then that is permissible.  However, each academy must meet the minimum required goals in order to graduate students from their program.  

Each course will be developed by instructors with expertise in the specific area of study.  At times, women instructors will take part of the classroom time to teach other women.  

There are 16 core classes that everyone is expected to complete.  There are also elective courses from which a student can choose two.  The total of core and electives courses must total 18 in order for the student to receive a certificate from the ICOC Ministry Training Academy.

I.  Biblical Knowledge

4 Core Classes:  

New Testament Survey. This course is a survey of the history, literature, and content of the New Testament, with an emphasis on historical background, geography, and culture of New Testament times. (This class will be offered via Campus Commonwealth Academy 10-11 January 2014 in Roanoke) 

Old Testament Survey. This course is a survey of the Old Testament in the context of the history, geography, and culture of Old Testament times.

Biblical Exegesis. This course will acquaint students with the basic principles and practices of biblical exegesis, learning how to use critical resource tools and moving from biblical text to life application.  (This class will be offered via Campus Commonwealth Academy 6-8 June 2014 in Pittsburgh) 

Church History/Doctrines. This class traces the history of the Christian Church from 70AD to the modern age with special attention given to turning points that affect Christian doctrines and church polity.  (This class will be offered via Commonwealth Academy 8-12 November 2013; 8-10 for TentMakers and 11-12 for full time ministers) 

6 Possible Electives:

Biblical Theology. This course will provide a systematic approach to examining major themes throughout the bible. 

World Religions. This class takes a serious look at the world's major religions and philosophies with practical advice on how to reach out to them with the message of the gospel. 

Ethics. This class will discuss pressing issues of the day that cause leaders to ask, “What in the world do I do with this situation?”  The class uses biblical principles to examine a variety of difficult topics.  Also, the student will learn how to best approach, address and grapple with the complexities of debatable matters. 

Life and Ministry of Jesus. Class sessions will provide an inspiring and thorough study of the person, character, leadership, and impact of Jesus. 

Holy Spirit. Classes will focus upon a comprehensive study of the person, power, ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit with a critical analysis of today's charismatic movement.

Apologetics. This course introduces the student to the study of Christian evidences.  The student will learn how to put together convincing presentations for unbelievers, and make apologetics a part of his or her own personal ministry.  (This class will be offered via Campus Commonwealth Academy 12-13 January 2013 in MD)  

II.  Spiritual Development

5 Core Classes:

The Minister’s Walk With God.  In order to effectively lead others, we must first be in vital communion with God. This class will teach us how to powerfully walk with the Lord in prayer, meditation and personal Bible study. 

The Disciplined Life. Spiritual leadership requires that we lead a life of mature, Spirit-led self-discipline. From the management of our emotions and thoughts to the organization of our daily schedule, the goal of this class is to learn to first discipline ourselves before we seek to lead others.

Marriage and Family. Our most important human relationships are those under our own roof. As leaders, our relationships with our spouses and children are the foundation upon which we stand. In this class we will learn how to build families that reflect the highest examples of godliness, love and spirituality. 

Personal Purity & Integrity. It is the enemy from within rather than the adversary from without that challenges us most. Therefore we must not only know God and His word, we must also know ourselves – including our weaknesses and flaws - so that we may live lives of purity and righteousness – from the inside out.  (This class will be offered via Commonwealth Academy 1-3 February 2013) 

MTA Discipling Plan. Jesus’ example shows us that we learn not only in the classroom, but by walking with someone who is out ahead of us in the journey. This course is a practicum that will give us the training provided by a personal discipler who will assist us in three areas: Knowing, Doing, and Being. 

1 Possible Elective:

Parenting and Family Building. This course will teach the Biblical principles of how to build a strong, cohesive and spiritual family, and how parents may effectively transmit their faith to their children.

III.  Ministry Leadership

7 Core Classes:

Biblical Preaching. This class teaches the student how to develop powerful and practical sermons from the biblical text based upon proven exegetical principles.  (This class will be offered via Campus Commonwealth Academy 7-11 June 2013 in Hampton Roads, 7-9 for TentMakers and 10-11 for full time ministers and interns) 

The Power of Discipleship.  The student will learn the importance of healthy, biblical discipling relationships.  The class focuses on both the practical aspects of being discipled as well as how to disciple others.  

The Making of a Disciple. This class is an in-depth exploration how to study the Bible with people that goes well beyond the basics of First Principles.

 Principles of Biblical Counseling. This course illuminates the power of the Bible to help people grow, and change and how we may help them, by applying Scriptural principles, to overcome obstacles and barriers to their ongoing maturity in Christ. 

Building the Church at Every Level. The student will learn practical lessons on how to build an effective ministry across a broad spectrum of life stages.  

 Powerful Ministry Leadership. This class focuses on the practical aspects of leading a dynamic and effective ministry.  

 The Church. Biblical teaching about the structure and function of the church, including team building principles, church discipline, various biblical roles, and best practices of men and women working together in the ministry. 

2 Possible Electives:

Missions. This class focuses on powerful principles from past and present mission plantings.  

Women of the Bible. This course will cover life lessons from significant women in the Bible. 


TentMakers (MTP) Class on Exegesis in State College

Here's more information for the class preparation.

Welcome to the first ACR School of Missions meeting and class in State College, PA! We’re excited to have you participate and grow in your faith and knowledge of God and His word. There are a few things to keep in mind so please pay close attention to the details listed below. Please do your best to arrive on time for the first class Friday night beginning at 7:00pm. Above all, drive safely! 



As a reminder, you must call and make your own reservation at the Ramada Inn (http://ramadasc.com, 1450 S Atherton Street, State College, PA 16801 ) under the name “School of Missions” to receive the reduced room rate. All classes will be held 5 minutes away at the Days Inn in downtown State College where the church regularly meets (http://www.daysinn.com/hotels/pennsylvania/state-college/days-inn-state-college/hotel-overview, 240 South Pugh Street, State College, PA 16801 US). Everyone can carpool. Check this Google maps link for directions - http://goo.gl/maps/2e26

School of Missions

The cost for School of Missions is $35.00 per person. You can have your ministry cut one big check for everyone from your group or pay individually on site. Checks can be made out to Hampton Roads Church. 

What to Pack

  •  Bible and notebook/laptop (be ready to take lots of notes)
  • Clothes for 3 days including church on Sunday
  • Money for food and transportation



  • 5:00pm – 6:30pm – arrive and check into Ramada Inn 
  • 7:00pm – 9:30pm – Session 1, Days Inn


  • 9:00am – 12:30pm – Session 2, Days Inn
  • 12:30pm – 1:45pm – Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm – 6:00pm – Session 3, Days Inn
  • 6:30pm – dinner and free time


  • 10:00am – 12:00pm – Worship with the State College Church of Christ, Days Inn
  • 12:00pm – 1:15pm – Lunch Break
  • 1:30pm – 4:30pm – Session 4, Days Inn

Repent & Believe - A Series of of blogs by Ed Anton

Jesus begins his public ministry with the proclamation to repent and believe. Does he, in fact, mean to place repentance prior to believe? So which comes first, repentance or believe? If repentance, then how can you turn toward God before you believe in him? If faith, and how can your mindset shift from unbelief to believe before you've repented? More than a chicken


TROAS IV on Evangelism


Our fourth Troas Teaching Night (ref. Acts 20) begins this Friday, 24 April at 6:30pm and ends at Midnight at the Norfolk Region's meeting site 1715 Willow Wood Drive, Norfolk. The topic is Advanced Evangelism! Classes include: 


  • "See the Need" Understanding the depth of darkness, the plight of the lost, developing a real love for the lost, and overcoming fears of proclaiming Jesus (even to those who think they don't need Him - any more than they perceive to have Him)
  • "Sow the Seed" How to make the most of every opportunity that the Holy Spirit affords you to share the gospel. Involve, invite, include, initiate, and inspire! Lots of practicals on your first contact and subsequent follow up conversations
  • "God Makes It Grow" A deeper biblical study on conversion; the stark "before" and "after" that Bible paints of conversion; the work of the Holy Spirit throughout conversion
  • "Water the Seed" Effective practices for biblical studies with seekers - followed by an interactive workshop for all participants



Expository Preaching This Weekend!

 On December 2-4, we'll gather for another TentMakers (MTP) Class on Expository Preaching. Here's the class schedule: 

  • Friday 6:45-9:30pm
  • Saturday 9am-Noon and 2-5pm (we'll ask some to rotate during lunch for preaching lab) 
  • Sunday 2-4:30pm

 All classes take place in the Hampton Roads Church's Peninsula campus at 86 Maxwell Lane, Newport News, VA 23606. If you need help with housing, please contact Tamishia Henry at 757-287-1960.

Remember, please read through Expository Preaching by Haddon Robinson and prepare an outline for a sermon that will deliver during our time together. Also come prepared to share your sermon's: Big Idea(both exegetical and homiletical), Audience Analysis (quick), Purpose, and Style (and why you chose that style of sermon)


MeatEaters Alert: Troas Teaching Night III September 30

The Hampton Roads Church will be hosting Troas Teaching Night III, its continuing congregational teaching series on September 30, 2011 from 6:30pm to 12:15am. This session's topic is "KOINONIA: Devotion to Fellowship." We live in an extremely individualistic age and culture. But if we are to fully appreciate the Scriptures, the Body of Christ, God's plan for His children, and the power of spiritual disciplines, then we need to awaken to the pressures of individualism and embrace the blessings of community. To accommodate both our moms and dads, we've arranged the agenda accordingly:


6:30-8:00 Women: "Lifting the Veil of Individualism"

Men: "Practically Community"

8:00-8:30 Break To Allow Moms and Dads to Switch Places

8:30-10:00  Men: "Lifting the Veil of Individualism"

Women: "Practically Community"

10:15-11:15 Marrieds: "It Takes A Village"

Singles, Teens, Campus: "One Heart, One Mind, One Purpose"

11:30-12:15 "Spiritual Disciplines as a Team Sport"


All Classes will be held at the Hampton Roads Church southside campus at 2520 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Parking will be challenging so please try to carpool. Coffee will be served throughout the evening.


Biblical Exegesis Class

We begin at 6:45pm on Friday 3 June; 9:00am-5:00pm on Saturday 4 June; and 1:30pm-4:30pm on Sunday 5 June. No pre-work, just complete your reading of How To Read the Bible For All Its Worth by Fee and Stuart. See you then!

Come prepared to ask questions about "Hard Sayings of the Bible." Also, if you have biblical reference tools that you'd like help using, please bring them as well (e.g. Bible Dictionary, Bible Handbook, or Commentaries)


Here are the slides for Friday and Saturday:


Matthew Series Recently Updated

We've uploaded the MeatEaters lessons on the Gospel of Matthew to catch up with the preaching schedule at the Hampton Roads Church. You can now find lessons through Matthew 8. They are also available via iTunes