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Some Local Books
  • The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility
    The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility
    by Thomas Jones, Michael Fontenot
  • Repentance: A Cosmic Shift of Mind and Heart
    Repentance: A Cosmic Shift of Mind and Heart
    by Edward J Anton
  • Redeeming the Broken Body: Church and State After Disaster (Theopolitical Visions)
    Redeeming the Broken Body: Church and State After Disaster (Theopolitical Visions)
    by Gabriel A. Santos

MeatEaters @ HRC

A sampling of expository preaching from the Hampton Roads Church on the Gospel of Matthew. During 2011, HRC will study the first gospel through a series of Sunday sermons, midweek lessons, family devotional lessons, and small group Bible Talk discussions. Many of the audio files are available below for the sermons and midweek lessons. The family devotional lessons and Bible Talks will soon be available for download. If you prefer would prefer to subscribe to these sermons via iTunes, you can do so via this link.


Matthew 9:27-34

A midweek lesson on Jesus' healing of two blind men despite the criticism of Jewish leaders. It's also a clear fulfillment of the prophecy about the Messiah from Isaiah 35. Thus, excited speculation about the possibility of Jesus coming as the Messiah/Christ mounts.

Matthew 9:27-34


Matthew 9:18-26

Sunday sermon on Jesus' encounter with a twelve year old girl on her death bed and a women who for those same twelve years has suffered with bleeding that has isolated her from the community. 

Matthew 9:18-26


Matthew 21:1-17 for Palm Sunday

We flip ahead for a moment in Matthew's Gospel to experience Jesus' Triumphal Entry over the Mount of Olives and into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This sermon examines the historical impact of Triumphal Entries and considers the bigger implications in Jesus. He comes to Conquer. He comes to Cleanse. And He comes Again! Hosanna!

Matthew 21:1-17


Matthew 8:28-34

After crossing the Sea of Galilee, Jesus encounters two demon possessed men who have terrorized the region of the Gaderenes with their demonic agenda. However, when they see Jesus, they can only fall at his feet and plead with Him. We'll consider the pleadings of the demons ("Ain't Too Strong to Beg"), the townspeople who experienced His miracle but lost their herd of pigs ("Ain't Too Astounded To Beg"), and the healed men who wish to stay with Jesus ("Ain't Too Content To Beg").  

Matthew 8:28-34


Matthew 8:14-27

After preaching His sermon on the mount, Jesus clarifies His call to "follow" Him (akoloutheo in Greek). We'll take a deeper look into what it really means to follow Jesus and the faith it takes for this radical journey.

Matthew 8:14-27


Matthew 8:1-13 Midweek Lesson

After completion of His sermon on the mount, Jesus comes down from the hilltop to heal both a leper and a Gentile. Both His hands on and hands off means of healing reinforce faith in His power and Word.

Matthew 8:1-13


Matthew 7:15-29 Sermon

Jesus concludes his revolutionary teaching on Kingdom living with a charge to DO IT! If we simply hear His Words without doing His Words, then we are like a builder who builds upon insecure sand. But if we hear and DO His Words, then we are like a builder who builds on solid rock. With a foundation of obedience, we can claim His promise that we will not fall—despite pounding storms. 

Matthew 7:15-29


Matthew 7:7-14 Midweek Lesson

Asking, seeking, and knocking require humility—a very precious yet very rare quality. Yet everyone who asks will receive, everyone who seeks will find, and everyone who knocks will have the door open. What a promise! Be careful that pride doesn't prevent that promise. 

Matthew 7:7-14


Matthew 7:1-6 Sermon by Jon Landis

Jon Landis preaches on Jesus' charge to take the plank out of our eye before inspecting specks.

Matthew 7:1-6


Matthew 6:25-34

There is no place for worry in a life of faith. And faith arranges our priorities in such a way that we who believe pursue righteousness and the Kingdom priorities above all else.

Matthew 6:25-34


Matthew 6:19-24 Video

Here's a test of the video for podcasting.

Matthew 6:19-24 Video


Matthew 6:19-24 audio

Jesus' investment strategy takes trust, but it pays great dividends. If you want Kingdom treasure, have a generous eye and singular focus on God rather than money as your source of security. And as another benefit, our heart will draw even closer to God and His Kingdom.

Matthew 6:19-24 Audio


Matthew 6:1-18 Sermon

After calling us to "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect," Jesus specifies the best practices for giving alms, prayer, and fasting.

Audio is available as usual (you can find it just below the video); plus, we tried a live video stream of this sermon... quality is a bit low.


Matthew 6:1-18 Sermon


Matthew 5:17-26 Sermon

As disciples of Jesus under a New Covenant, how do we make sense of the Old Testament? Jesus came not to abolish the Old Covenant but to fulfill it. And His demands for righteousness do not slacken within the context of grace - rather He raises expectations for our righteousness.  A sermon preached at the Hampton Roads Church in January 2011 by Ed Anton.

After background on the Law, main points include:

Law 2.0

Righteousness 2.0

Perspective 2.0

Matthew 5:17-26 Sermon


Matthew 5:13-16 Salt&Light

After warning His disciples about impending persecution, Jesus affirms that they indeed are the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world. But the world is a Dull and Dark place in need of Salt and Light. Ed Anton preaches on Salt and Light during this midweek lesson at the Hampton Roads Church.

Point 1: The World is Dull and Dark

Point 2: You Are the Salt of the Earth

Point 3: You Are the Light of the World

You can find more sermons on the Gospel of Matthew at www.hamptonroadschurch.org or www.cwacademy.net


Matthew 5:13-16 Midweek Lesson


Matthew 5:9-12 Enhanced Podcast

Bamidele Oluwalana preaches on Jesus' call to be a Peacemaker at the Hampton Roads Church. Bami will be moving to Bergen Norway this spring to lead our sister congregation in that city. In this sermon, he calls us to make peace - peace on the outside (by reconciling friends to Christ), and peace on the inside (by making EVERY effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace). Finally, he reminds us that peace comes at a price. For the Christian, a pursuit of true peace often brings persecution.

You can find more sermons on the gospel of Matthew at both www.hamptonroadschurch.org and www.cwacademy.net.

Matthew 5:9-12


Matthew 1:1-17 Enhanced Podcast

An introduction to our study of the Gospel of Matthew with a sermon on the Genealogy of Jesus from Matthew 1. Matthew's genealogy is unique not in only in its mention of women, but also of Gentiles. A study of his genealogy reveals lessons in the provocative inclusions of Tamar (a woman who prostitutes herself to Judah), Rahab (a prostitute for the city of Jericho who saves both herself and her family by trusting in God), Ruth (a Moabite who through faith becomes the grandmother of David), and Bathsheba (an immodest woman who exposes herself in full view of King David). 

From these remarkable women, we learn a variety of lessons, including:

  1. The Kingdom is for ALL
  2. The Kingdom is for the FALLEN
  3. The Kingdom is not for the PASSIVE

Additional expository sermons on the Gospel of Matthew can be found at www.hamptonroadschurch.org and cwacademy.net

Matthew 1:1-17 Enhanced Podcast


Matthew 5:6-8 Enhanced Podcast

This lesson on the Beatitudes includes enhanced features including chapter markers and album art. This is the same audio content as "Matthew 5:6-8 Lesson." It also covers Jesus' blessings to those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness, the Merciful, and the Pure in Heart.

Matthew 5:6-8 Enhanced


Matthew 5:6-8 Lesson

A midweek lesson at the Hampton Roads Church on the Beatitudes, covering the blessings to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, and the pure in heart. Ed Anton preached this lesson to the Peninsula Region of HRC on 19 January 2011.

Matthew 5:6-8


Matthew 5:1-5 Sermon

Background on the Sermon on the Mount with a study of the first three Beatitudes. Blessed are the Poor, the Mourners, and the Meek.

Matthew 5:1-5